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For more than a decade, Aqua-Tech Consultants, Inc. has provided geological and hydrogeological consulting services to private individuals, commercial/industrial firms, and to government institutions. And, in this complex field, our professional services have continually expanded and adapted to meet ever-changing needs and regulations.

Aqua-Tech is MUSTFA-approved (Michigan Underground Storage Tank Financial Assurance Act) and covered by comprehensive professional liability insurance. Our most important qualification, however, is our dedication to providing the most cost-effective environmental solution for each client. We specialize in all phases of environmental property assessments, underground a storage tank removals, and investigations of contaminated sites. Aqua-Tech offers a range of contaminant cleanup technologies which includes: simple "dig & haul" remediation, groundwater purge and/or soil vapor extraction with activated carbon, incineration or bio-remediation, and other solutions tailored for specific solutions.

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