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Services For Business and Industry

Aqua-Tech offers a variety of science-based consulting services to business and industry. These include environmental assessment services, facility planning and permitting services, contaminant release investigations, and environmental remediation. All these services are available on a flexible basis, depending on the client's needs, capabilities, and objectives...and can be provided on a task-by-task basis, or in a complete turnkey project, from initiation to completion.

Property/Business Acquisition
Financial & Insurance Pre-Qualification

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments, along with Baseline Environmental Assessments, are regularly required to prevent acquiring a liability for problems caused by others, or in pre-qualifying for financial support or insurance purposes. Aqua-Tech is familiar with the ASTM, Michigan Association of Environmental Professionals, and AGWSE standards for these assessments.

Facility Planning & Permitting

Aqua-Tech's personnel have been involved in hydrogeological investigations related to air quality, stormwater runoff, wetlands, water supply, wastewater disposal, and solid waste disposal permitting in Michigan since the inception of many of the permitting programs. We have also worked successfully with clients to meet other local and national permit requirements. These range from USEPA injection wells to local Health Department isolation requirements.

Contaminent Release Investigations

Investigations of the soil and groundwater are often necessary when release of a potential contaminant is suspected. Aqua-Tech is familiar with and comfortable with the wide range of tools available for these investiga tions. These include on-site techniques and off-site support services. Indirect, non-invasive techniques and minimally invasive tech niques are used where possible and appropriate. Direct sampling and measurement techniques are employed where economical ly and scientifically necessary. Aqua-Tech's personnel have been assisting clients in the determination and delineation of environmental contamination since 1982.

Cost-Effective Solutions
for Environmental Contamination

There are plenty of solutions to environmental contamination...many of them more costly than the property they redeem. However, there are also less costly and more practical which simply require a little more research and evaluation in greater depth. Aqua-Tech has pioneered the use of above-ground biological degradation techniques for fuel spills in Michigan. We also pioneered the use of vacuum-driven composting for soil remediation, and we encourage on-site contaminant destruction wherever possible. Alternatively, there's little sense in implementing these methods for very small spills...where a bit of soil removal or a small activated carbon system can do the job at less cost. At Aqua-Tech, our clients' goals are more important than implementing the "technique of the week."

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