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Consultants represent a very substantial portion of Aqua-Tech's client base. We provide support services to complement the in-house capabilities of our consultant clients, which allows them to offer the services of a broad spectrum of scientists and other professionals. These services fall into three general categories: science-based environmental consulting, support testing services, and field technical services.

Science-based environmental consulting services bring a team of trained scientists to investigate and define a setting, as well as factors affecting filture changes in the situation. Natural parameters are determined, and models are developed to assist the consultant's engineering staffwith concept and design for appropriate corrective measures.

Where a consultant has professional staff capable of analyzing scientific aspects of a project, Aqua-Tech offers specialty testing services in support of the consultant's in-house expertise. These include investigation-oriented tools (drilling, soil gas testing/sampling, geophysical testing) and remediation feasibility tests (in- situ hydraulic conductivity or "slug" tests, aquifer pump tests, vacuum propagation and air sparging tests). Necessary data analysis, interpretation, and modeling services normally accompany these tests, unless the client requests only the data collection.

Field technical support services are available to consultants who occasionally require outside assistance, or who rely on outside help for field data collection. These services include sampling and water level measurements, field or construction inspection, operations assistance, and troubleshooting. Aqua-Tech personnel have extensive training, and are licensed or certified for a variety of operations, including monitoring well drilling, wastewater and water plant operation.

All Aqua-Tech field personnel and supervisory staff are appropriately OSHA 49 CFR 1910.120 health and safety trained and equipped for operations up to and including Level C Personal Protection Measures (PPM's). Support operations in Level B and Level A PPM's can be provided by special arrangement.

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