AquaTech Consultants

Personnel and Project Staffing

Aqua-Tech's staff includes personnel with a wide variety of backgrounds and training, including geologists, engineers, biologists, chemists, and technical support personnel. Many are nationally certified and/or registered within their profession in various states which require registration. Individual experience levels vary from a few years to a few decades. Junior personnel, where utilized, are always assigned to projects under the supervision of more senior staff members.

For each project, Aqua-Tech puts together a team which includes the most qualified staff for that project. Occasionally, and with client approval, outside consultants are brought into the project to provide additional expertise. This consortium approach offersmaximum flexibility in meeting specific needs at the lowest possible cost to the client.

Environmental, engineering, architectural, and planning firms...along with laboratories, remediation contractors, and other contractors...comprise a significant portion of Aqua-Tech's client base. Consequently, we constantly maintain a broad network of professional associates, from whom we can draw appropriate personnel and equipment on a subcontract or co-consultant basis. Literally hundreds of personnel can be at the client's service when the need is greatest.

Further information regarding the qualifications of Aqua-Tech, individual staff professionals, and others is available on request. Please contact either Lawrence Austin or Clem Lay for additional data.

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